Not Just Any Old Contact Form

Welcome to the obligatory Contact Page, which, let’s face it, everyone but the most ardent spammer usually ignores.

And as you’ve made it this far into the bowels of the website, it’s only fair that you have more say on what goes on here at personalCEO than those other people who just glance at the home page, before sauntering off. I mean, you’ve shown way more commitment than they have. You’re almost a superfan.

So, how do you get a say in what we do here at personalCEO?

Well, to be honest, we’d really like to know your ideas. The personalCEO range of books will eventually cover a diverse range of subjects, mainly relating to our endless range of human inadequacies, and what exactly we can do to try and fix things.

So, we’d love for you to tell us what it is you’d like us to write about. The things that you’d love to be better at, the things that stop you being who you want to be or achieving the success you’d like.

It might be things like procrastination, or overwhelm. Then there’s shyness or that most bizarre of tortures, public speaking. There’s a whole world of things that we’re rubbish at, and we’d genuinely like to help people get better at dealing with them.

We’re not just looking for unique ideas – if procrastination is your big thing, but you’ve not quite got round to fixing it, please drop us a line and let us know.

And if we use your idea, you’ll get a mention in the book, and who knows, one of you may even get a character named after you (see, we knew you’d be famous one day; your mum was right).

We’ll also let you know when new personalCEO books are coming out, and we’ve even been known to create exclusive content and give stuff away (mainly books, if we’re honest). So what’s not to like?

Just pop a message into the box over there, plus your name and email address, and we’ll stand by the postbox – we really can’t wait to learn what you want us to write about.

Alternatively, if you’d like to spam us, just go for it – knock yourself out. Seriously.

Everyone should have a hobby.

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