About The Author

Ian Child is an author, entrepreneur, former corporate leader, and personal development coach who spent over 30 years learning how to get the most out of life, and for a long time, failed spectacularly to apply most of what he’d learned.

During this period, Ian spent much of the time wondering why people behaved so weirdly, and when the curiosity became too much, he finally decided to get to the bottom of it. That was when he realised that with a little bit of knowledge, most people could transform their chances of being successful, and get rid of those rather annoying problems that were holding them back.

He also realised he was probably just as weird as everyone else, which came as quite a shock despite most of his friends and family knowing this already.

During his research, Ian studied how the most successful people and businesses tackle their problems, and in particular, what allows them to become so successful. As a corporate leader, he’s worked with some of the best minds in the private equity world, and gained a unique insight into the tools and processes they use to get the most out of their people and the companies they own. And he quickly realised that nearly all of these solutions could easily be adopted by YOU to great effect. In fact, so many of these annoying personal shortcomings that plague our everyday lives can be overcome with just a little bit of knowledge and a few tweaks.

So, armed with a few grey hairs, 30+ years’ experience, and an excellent coffee machine, Ian set out to create personalCEO to help people be more successful and get more out of life.

And hopefully have some fun along the way.